Spring President Letter

As I close in on completing my first year at La Salle Manor, there is one question I seem to have answered more than most others… How did I end up in this job? The answer to that question is a winding, but fairly clear one. The more interesting question is why I chose to come to be the next President of La Salle Manor?

I first came to learn about the Christian Brothers and the Lasallian mission as a student at La Salle University in Philadelphia. La Salle taught me the values of faith and zeal and the importance of following Gods call one step at a time, just as St. John Baptist de La Salle did. Following my graduation I joined the Lasallian Volunteers, a post-collegiate long-term service program. As volunteers we lived with Christian Brothers in community and worked in their ministries and every spring, as a conclusion to the service we did, all the volunteers gathered for a retreat to share experiences and bring closure to the year. It was at that retreat in the spring of 2009 as a Lasallian Volunteer I visited La Salle Manor for the first time.

After two years of service with the volunteer program I continued my work within the Lasallian world, working and studying at Lewis University. It was during this time I came to La Salle Manor for a third time on Lewis’ Koinonia retreat, and subsequently a number of other times visiting Lasallian Volunteers during their debriefing. In 2015 my wife and I were asked to lead the debriefing retreat (we met as volunteers), which we did, returning again to the Manor each spring.

Fast forward to this time last year when Bob announced his retirement. A press release of sorts was circulated to some Lasallians suggesting that if anyone had a lead on a good candidate to replace him, inquire about the process. A friend of mine and my wife received that announcement and reached out to the two of us saying we were the first people that popped into their head, and we should consider it. After a lot of praying and discussion with family I decided to apply. 

The rest is history, but that still doesn’t answer why I chose to come to La Salle Manor. The answer here is two fold:

  1. The Lasallian mission is important to me. Going back to my education in undergrad at La Salle University, carrying through to my time as a Lasallian Volunteer, and then to work at two other ministries run by the brothers I have a strong passion for this charism. The mission we have of serving youth through education is so impactful. I was definitely shaped by my Lasallian education, I’m proud that I get to further the mission through my work.
  2. Coming to La Salle Manor all those times over the last 14 years felt like coming home, now I get to actually call it my home. I know my wife feels the same way. The greatest thing is now I meet people that are return guests (some who have been coming for more than 20 years), and they say that pulling into our driveway is like pulling into home for them too. There is a sense of community and peace being here. I love that I can be a steward of that experience for others, and welcome new people into our family. 

As I wrap up this letter, I’d like to say that this spring has been marked by some big challenges. We had major damage to our electrical system, and unanticipated major repairs to the hot water system. In order to continue to welcome people for a long time La Salle Manor requires support from our benefactors and family members. We are hosting a Gala in July entitled “Sustaining the Future.” If you would like to come or contribute please visit our Gala page https://lasallemanor.org/gala.

Peace and blessings,

Scott Baietti

President, La Salle Manor